Two Minds Enter, One Will Leave

For many years, I’ve enjoyed writing in private.  I’ve catalogued my inner thoughts and wondered if I was alone on this unique wavelength.  After sharing bits and pieces over time on FaceBook, through texts and handwritten notes, I was convinced to get this blog a try.  Besides writing about the strange things that occupy my mind, I also enjoy waxing poetic about sports, music, movies, family & friends and the good ol days, when times were simpler for me.  I’d be honored if you took this journey with me and shared yours with me.  Maybe there will be something here that touches you or makes you laugh or places you in another state of mind.  If so, my writing has done for you what it has always done for me.  I’m not a professional but hopefully that won’t be too obvious.  If you are interested in other useful sites or just some sites I frequent, take a peek below for some “Interesting Links”. Please feel free to comment or share at your leisure.  Thanks for stopping by!